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    How to Create Stairs for an outdoor Sunken Area by Honeybear @ BMC


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    How to Create Stairs for an outdoor Sunken Area by Honeybear @ BMC

    Post  Archivist on Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:06 pm

    Honeybear wrote:

    If you have ever seen Central Park in Sun Valley then you've probably noticed that the center area surrounding the fountain is sunken and there are stairs to it. After much searching I could not find any instructions on how to re-create something similar for a park I'm building. Unable to find a tutorial on how to do this I started experimenting and was finally able to replicate it. Thought I would share my findings. :Smile:/>

    Step 1 - In build mode use the lower terrain tool to cut out the area you want to use as the sunken area. Once you have the depth you want now you will want to use the leveling tool to smooth it all out.

    Step 2 - After you've decided where you want your steps to go open the cheat box and enter ConstrainFloorElevation false.

    You can see what mine looks like here and this is where I'll be placing my steps.

    Step 3 - I've placed my stairs and you can see the area that sunk around my stairs which I don't want. We can fix that.

    Step 4 - With the CFE cheat still on you can now use the leveling tool again to smooth out the area surrounding your stairs. As you can see it is now completely smoothed out and your all done.

    Tips - Before moving on to other things be sure to turn off CFE by typing in ConstrainFloorElevation True. If you intend to add a pool or fountain to the sunken area I suggest you install your stairs first. When experimenting I really messed up my fountain and you can see that to the left where it cut out part of my fountain even though I didn't go near that area with the tool. I was unable to recover and had to start over. Happy Building!

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