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    CAW Custom Roads Tutorial


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     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  Empty CAW Custom Roads Tutorial

    Post  Archivist on Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:23 am

    Richdre wrote:
    This is just a basic get started tutorial for creating custom roads in CAW. I will not cover creating or using custom textures. This tutorial will only use the stock textures that comes with CAW.

    So lets get started. The first screen shot is a sample of the roads we will create.

     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  111

    Open CAW and click on the road button that is outlined in red.

     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  211

    This opens the panel on the right side of the screen. Click on the Custom road button.

     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  311

    This opens the custom road window. You will need to tell the program what textures to use for your custom road. First thing click on the name field and give your road a name.

     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  411

    Now click on the little blank box on the right side of the first texture. That will open another window showing you all of the textures that are available. You will click on the texture you want and then click on open and you have assigned your first texture.

     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  511

    I'm not going to cover the process for assigning each texture but instead I will provide screen shots of what the finished product looks like. The file names are outlined in red and your screen should look exactly like mine.


     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  611

    Here is the black road configuration.

     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  711

    If you want your road to blend in here is a green one.

     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  811

    And finally here is a paved road with dirt sidewalks

     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  911

    The last shot is just to illustrate a problem you might have. The file names are similar for some of the textures. Make sure you have the right one selected.

     CAW Custom Roads Tutorial  1011

    Probably the most difficult thing is getting the intersections to match. They do in all of my examples so you can see that it is possible. Sometimes you just need to keep selecting textures until you get the right mix.

    Once you have created your road if you right click and select edit, the changes you make will show up in the roads you have already placed. Nice little feature.

    One other thing to note. You need to right click on your custom road and select make active every time you open the road panel. If you close the panel and then come back later it is not active until you make it active.

    If anyone has any questions or would like to add some information just post in this thread. Have fun.

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