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    Community Lot Guide - 7/9/2012 - Updated up to SN


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    Community Lot Guide - 7/9/2012 - Updated up to SN Empty Community Lot Guide - 7/9/2012 - Updated up to SN

    Post  Archivist on Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:37 pm

    geminiagre wrote:

    When I build a world, I always forget a community lot or I mess up with the sizes of lots when i want to place a rabbithole. Sometimes it's huge and sometimes it's too small.
    I can always plop the lot from the bin, but what if i want to have a unique one?

    This guide will help all of us remmber all the community lots that we can include in our world and the sizes of rabbitholes and LN Metropolitan buildings.

    First of all the community lots you can create

    Base Game
    Town Hall
    Military Base
    Art Gallery
    Groccery Store
    Science Facility
    Business Buildings
    Grave Yard
    Fishing Spots
    Police Department
    Community Center/College ( Add skill objects, maybe a pool and a hangout area, some arcades also can add more fun items from later EPs)
    Community Garden (label as small park- like the one in Twinbrook next to the pool- thanks to Happyjme for the idea)

    Dojo (labeled as Academy)
    Tombs (Landmark or Hidden - thanks to happyjme for pointing out)
    Chinese Garden (thanks to Damien for reminding me)
    Camping Lot (thanks to BimleSim)

    Fire Station
    Jankyard ( and Jankyard No visitors - thanks to Damien for letting me know that this might be handy to list as well)
    Consignment Store
    Art School (idea by Damien-Add easels, drafting tables, sculpting stations )

    Fast Lane
    Gas Station (add gas pumps, a small shop with a register the twizy station if you have it - label as hangout )

    Dive Bar
    Fusion Lounge
    Vampire Lounge
    Exclusive Lounge
    Dance Club
    Disco Club
    Sports Bar
    Watering Hole
    Pool Side Club (thanks to Damien for the reminder)
    Video Arcade (idea by Damien-add arcade mashines and video games, a small cafeteria label as hangout)
    Aquarium (idea by Damien- add lots of aquariums, digital ones and normal ones and possibly label as art galery)

    Playground Park
    Wedding lot (label as: park, meseum or exclusive lounge for the lot to appear in the drop down menu when planning a wedding party exclusive lounge idea credits to happyjme)
    Chemistry Lab (idea by damien)
    Daycare (residential Lot)

    Equestrian Center
    Horse Ranch
    Cat Jungle
    Dog Park
    Pet Store (requires Limited Edition)

    Ford Focus 2012 Set
    Skydiving Lot (Visitors Allowed -Rabbit Hole)

    (After Patch 1.36 you can simply add stages to specific community lots and they will also work as ST Venues - Gredits for the info to SimsVIP and MTS)
    Park Venue - Big Park (works also in Graveyard, Fishing Spot, Beach)
    Coffehouse (works also in Pool, Gym, Library, Dive Bar)
    Live Show Venue (works also in Hangout, Dance Club)
    Private Show Venue (Works alsoin Art Gallery, Lounge, Horse ranch)
    Big Show Venue

    Elixir Consignment Store
    Supernatural Hangout

    Now some of them are essential for gameplay, such as the school and townhall, and some of them are simple add ons to your world such as the dojo or the wedding lot. The add ons can be simply combined with other lots. For example you can add dojo equipment in the gym or wedding equipment in a park.

    When it comes to rabbitholes or shell buildings, you have to know their exact size, in order to determine the size of the lot you are going to need, depending on what else you want to add to that lot. Below i'm listing all those buildings and the minimum possible size of lot they need to be placed on. Note that if you use that exact size, you will not have room for almost nothing else on that lot, such as plants, decorations, benches etch, and you will probably need to use the move objects cheat to place them (better place the building as back as possible so sims have decent access to the entrance). I added 1-3 grid tiles to the minimum size, in order for sims to at least have room to move around.The first number is the front and the second the side

    Base Game
    City Hall 52x25
    Community School for the gifted 38x24
    Divisadero Budget Books 12x16
    Doo Peas Corporate Towers 24x26 (corner)
    Everfresh Delights Super Market 20x16 (corner)
    Fort Gnome Military Base 44x44 (corner)
    Hogan's Deep Fried Diner 22x14
    Landgrab Undustries Science Facility 40x24
    Little Corsican Bistro 20x18
    Llama Memorial Stadium 54x36
    Outstanding Citizen Warehouse 26x24
    Police Department 22x24
    Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital 36x30
    Sharma Day Spa 16x16
    Spacter Family Mausoleum 8x12
    Wilsonoff Community Theatre 20x28

    Chinese Mausoleum 10x12
    Egyptian Mausoleum 10x12

    Always Studious BookStore 12x16
    Bachelor Stadium 52x36
    Brunton's Boxacar Diner 12x10
    Groccery Grab Super Market 20x16 (corner)
    High Products Business Building 26x26 (corner)
    Jolina Family Mausoleum 8x12
    Llama Corp Shipping Co 30x24
    Science Lab 38x24
    Sims in Arms Military base 44x44 (corner)
    Story Community School 36x28
    Twinbrook City Hall 52x26
    Twinbrook Foundation Hospital 36x28

    East Tradewinds Shipping Co 30x26
    Landgrab Marine Science facility 40x24
    Llama Co Stadium 46x58
    Mike's Cornerstore 20x16 (corner)
    Movie Cineplex 36x38 (corner)
    Plumbob Pictures Backlot 38x34
    Public Schoool 67 44x24
    Piblic Service Office 52x26
    Steve's BusinessComplex and Restaurant 26x26 (corner)
    Wiki's Fabulus Books and Bath 32x32
    Metropolitan Buildings found in buydebug:
    38x38 (1)
    32x32 (5)
    36x24 (11)
    24x24 (12)

    Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer 14x18 (corner)
    Par Excellence Preparatory School 34x26
    Scrumptious Nibbles Cafe 17x17 (corner)

    Appaloosa Plains Civic Center 36x24
    Butterfield Family Mausoleum 8x9
    Crestview School and Stadium 58x35
    Darris Teeter Art Theater 23x31
    Darris Teeter Grocery & The Koffi Cafe 24x18
    Hueber Associates & Kim Gould's Steakhouse 32x32
    JRA International Equestrian Center 38x56
    Petite Pony Equestrian Center 38x38
    Rustler's Den 19x14
    Walls Book 'n Bath LLC 19x19 (corner)
    Waylon's Water Tower 20x20
    Wolfson's Hospital and Research Facility 36x36 (corner)

    Broad Street Business Tower & Grill 36x25 (bistro and business)
    C-Ment Shoe Factory 50x42
    City Government Complex 52x35
    Flying V's Coffehouse 20x18 (ST version of Diner)
    Gooder Public School 52x38
    Holy Cow Memorial Hospital 45x30
    Jimmy Lemmon Memorial Mausoleum 14x16
    Serenity Bookstore and Spa 35x18
    The Market Basket 32x25
    Showtime Shells Available in Buydebug (due to coding sensitivity only two are available):
    Los Suenos Private Club 40x45
    Metropolitan Building 53x53
    Additional items you might need to take into considaration when deciding venue lot sizes:
    Big Show crowd 30x20
    Show Floor for benches 2x4
    Show Floor for tables 3x3
    Show Stage 8x7
    Stage Rigs (3) 16x9 - No extra tiles added

    Due to the fact that some of the shells are missing, as they act as rabbitholes as well (stadium and theater. Ultimate one acts as theater as well), and the complexity of creating your own venues, I'm also adding all the venue lot sizes from SS just in case you want to place them as is by plopping them down from your bin:
    Big Show Venue - The Binder Clips Center 64x64 (stadium - Shell/rabbit hall N/A in buydebug)
    Big Show Venue - Hoi Polloi Event Center 64x64 (theater - Shell/rabbit hall N/A in buydebug)
    Private Show Venue - Brotherhood of the Fine Fellows Hall 60x60
    Private Show Venue - Port a Party Warehouse 55x30
    Private Show Venue - Los Suenos Private Club - 40x55
    Live Show Venue - Mick's Master Karaoke 32x29
    Live Show Venue - MN8 35x35
    Live Show Venue - Rodeo Go Go 32x35
    Coffeehouse - Flying V's Coffeehouse 20x34 (includes diner rabbithole)
    Big park - Park Verde 64x64

    Please also read this post by WR about creating Venues and why you can't combine them with LN lots http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/516259.page#7997909

    Bloom Institute of Wellness 30x24
    Commonwealth Court 42x30
    Deja View Theater 20x30
    Everglow Academy & Coloseum 59x42
    Fae Ray Arboretum 9x10
    Gypsy Wagon 6x11
    Hallowed Mausoleum 10x10
    Mind-Body Connection Bookstore & Spa 26x20
    Sam's Market Diner 25x15
    Van Gould Merchant House & Cafe 24x18
    Vault of Antiquity 8x12

    City Hall 35x24
    Countrycare General Hospital 36x32
    Doo Peas Corporate Towers 24x26 (corner)
    Fort Salas Military Base 44x44 (corner)
    Soil and Water Research Facility 38x24
    Sunflower Spa 18x16
    Truelong Community School 38x24

    BB, HS, DrPeper, Store
    Hogan's Deep Sea Diner (BB) 30x12
    Metropolis Movie Theater (DrP) 26x30
    Dr Pepepr stadium 53x38
    Renault Charging Station 36x30
    Hidden Springs Day Spa 37x37 - (42x32 if placed diagonialy as is in HS) (corner)
    Ford Focus Sky Diving Center 20x20
    Large Rustic Barn (HS) 14x14
    Rustic Barn (HS) 9x13
    Base Game Rabbit hole Portals (LL) 12x12
    The Perigee (LL) 50x38
    Lucky Palms
    -The Blooming Cactus Bistro 17x25
    -Area 52 Test Labs 40x24
    -Sun Health Hospital 36x30
    -Brittlebush Academy 38x24
    -City Hall 52x25
    -Local Law Enforcement 22x24
    -Imagine That! Theater 20x28
    -Goody's Groceries 20x16
    -The Solitary Novel 12x16
    -Desert Diner 22x14
    -Sahara Corporate Headquarters 24x26
    -Lucky Llamas Stadium 54x36
    -Desert Arms Military base 44x44
    -The Warehouse 26x24
    -Silver Swallow Day Spa 16x16
    Sunlit Tides
    -Captain Jack's Theater 20x25
    -City Hall 30x20
    -Coconut Palms Medical Facility 25x37
    -Dreams Of Paradise Day Spa 17x18
    -Grotto Groceries 20x20
    -Island Police Headquarters 30x20
    -Mango's Military Base 20x25/25x20(depends on what you consider the front)
    -Midnight Moon Bistro 18x20
    -Pleasant Pages Bookstore 15x20
    -Riku's Luau Diner 11x16
    -Sand, Sun annd Surf Corp. 25x15
    -Seaside Sports Center 23x11
    -Serpentine Labs 26x27
    -The Island Academy 22x19
    -The Lair 56x56

    Store Built Venues
    Olympian Physic (Gym) 40x30
    Gothic Library (Library) 30x40
    Regency Arcade (Arcade) 40x30
    Pet Store 30x20 (requieres Limited Edition)
    Ultimate Venue (ST -Limited Edition) 64x64 - Shell NOT available in Buydebug. Also acts as theater rabbit hole
    The Lucky Simoleon Casino (Lucky Palms Gold) 60x60
    Community Lot (Sunlit Tides Gold) 30x30

    I hope this is helpfull to every one. I'm sorry if this has been posted again.

    Have fun world building!

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