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    Adding Water Planes (For Custom Lakes or Rivers) by zaide_chris @ MTS


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    Adding Water Planes (For Custom Lakes or Rivers) by zaide_chris @ MTS

    Post  Archivist on Wed May 22, 2013 2:04 am

    zaide_chris wrote:Before you start it's a good idea to plan where you want to place your water planes and the terrain around them.
    Note: The center of the planes can't be under ground.

    Tools you should already have and know how to use:


    1. Backup your World!
    2. Figure out where you want your Water planes and how many you want. For each water plane you want you need to know the Y, X1, Z1, X2 and Z2 cords, and the Instance.

      • Y is the height.
      • X1 and Z1 are the cords for one corner of the the plane.
      • X2 and Z2 are the cords for the other corner.
      • The X2 needs to be larger then X1, same for Z2 with Z1.
      • X2 minus X1 and Z2 minus Z1 need to be more then 32 or when you make the planes you need to go to advanced and check "Force one Tile".
      • The Instance of the first plane needs to be 0, the second 1 the third 2, ect.

  • After you have info for all the planes you want go to Sims 3 Water Plane Generator

    • One at a time for each water plane you want enter the Y, X1, Z1, X2, Z2 and Instance then hit download.
    • A file should start downloading save them all togeather in the same folder.
    • DON'T rename them:!:
    • DON'T change any settings other then Y, X1, Z1, X2, Z2 and Instance unless you know what your doing:!:

  • Open your world in s3pe.
  • Export the one file with a type of 0x90624C1B to the same folder as the water planes.
  • Edit byte 0x12 of the 0x90624C1B file with your hex editor to the number of water planes you want to use.
  • Import all the water planes you downloaded and the 0x90624C1B file back in to your world.
  • Done.

  • Frequent Problems

    • The water planes is square but I want another shape.
      You need to "clip" the water plane by having it go under ground on all sides then save and reload. As simsample shows here.
    • Water planes vanish after save.
      The center of your water plane is most likely under ground so the game is "clipping" the whole thing.
    • I extracted a water plane from one world and want to use it in another but it's not working.
      CAW edits water planes whenever you save after making at-least one terrain change, so it's always saver to just make a new plane rather then reusing one from another world.

    If you have any questions about how to use S3PE or a hex editer please use the forum search or google.
    If they are just about the technical side of water planes ask in Water Levels from Twinbrook and Bridgeport.
    If they are about getting water planes in your world feel free to ask here.

    Posts : 220
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    Re: Adding Water Planes (For Custom Lakes or Rivers) by zaide_chris @ MTS

    Post  Archivist on Wed May 22, 2013 8:41 pm

    "How do I figure out the X1 X2 Z1 Z2 coordinates? Are they in CAW, or do I have to do some fancy math?"

    zaide_chris wrote:They are in game or on your height map or you can do some "fancy math"
    If you had a 256x256 town 0,0,256,256 would make a plane that covered your town, 0,0,128,256 would cover half, 128,0,128,256 the other half.
    To find the coordinates in game you need to place a object then look at the Z, X, and Z of it in the "Property Browser" window.
    To find them on your height map most image editors show the coordinates of your cursor and those will match the in game cords.

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