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    install your world without having to upload


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    install your world without having to upload

    Post  Admin on Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:28 am

    Yes, you can install your world without having to upload.

    After you Export, your world shows up in the Launcher under "Uploads"
    Check mark your world, then click on "Show File"
    The file that holds the .sims3pack should be sitting right there.
    Double click on the .sims3pack, and your world should install.

    You can bypass opening the Launcher in the first place by opening up Windows Explorer and going to;
    Electronic Arts
    Sims 3

    You can drag and drop the pack into downloads if you like.

    When I'm building a world, I install it several different times so I can check routing and whatnot. You will usually need to uninstall the prior version, before you install the next one.

    Open your Launcher, click on "Installed Content"
    Check your world, and click uninstall. After it's done,
    Open up Windows Explorer, and go back to Sims 3
    Click on the "WorldCaches" this time and delete the two files with your worlds name on them.

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