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    Mayhem Hall by Minty @ Sims Forum


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    Mayhem Hall by Minty @ Sims Forum Empty Mayhem Hall by Minty @ Sims Forum

    Post  Archivist Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:04 pm

    Minty wrote:What better way could there be to see what Sims 3 University Life has to offer than to take ten unwilling volunteers & put them in the same hall of residence, Malan Hall?

    Free will maxed out
    Two terms
    64 credits required
    Everyone's on 12 credits to start with.
    Ten Simselves
    Eight beds, that's going to make it awkward for a start.

    The big question every night - whose turn will it be to sleep on the couches? Will everyone who gets the Murphy survive the deadly bed?

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