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    Ultimate Performer Challenge (UPC) A Made up, Original By csifool @ BMC


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     Ultimate Performer Challenge (UPC) A Made up, Original By csifool @ BMC Empty Ultimate Performer Challenge (UPC) A Made up, Original By csifool @ BMC

    Post  Archivist Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:26 pm

    csifool wrote:

    I propose a new challenge be made! One for fun, let me tell you. I'm not one for hard challenges. But ones that are fun and give me a challenge are just fine. ;]
    I'm pretty sure there are none like this. Mainly because I just thought of it, and it's not super official. ANYWAY.

    The Goal:
    To have your sims reach each of the Showtime Professions to level 10.
    It can be in any order. Have fun with it. I understand this could be a long challenge. The point of it is to force some of us to try out those careers. I've had Showtime since it came out. I have yet to try these Careers. So It is an exploring challenge, if you will.

    The Rules:

    1) You start with 1 sim, boy or girl. Young adult, made in CAS so it starts fresh.
    -You may also start with a pet for fun if you have Pets.

    2) The only LTWs that can be picked are the one relating to the 3 careers. Pick wisely. The LTW you pick must be the last career you play.

    3) Any world is fine, as long as it has the Showtime venues on it.

    4)You must start off with a house your sims can afford. Empty lots are fine if you like starting that way. No cheats allowed. (more on cheats later.)

    5)You may marry, have kids, etc.But it may make it harder to get your goals done. Just saying.

    5)HAVE FUN!

    Cheats, the Do's and Do Not's:
    -The cheats you CAN'T use are money cheats,the freerealestate cheat, skill cheats and career cheats.(skill mods are fine, unless you feel the need to remove them.)

    -The cheats you CAN use are motive cheats ( I know it sucks to stop skilling in the middle of skilling because of motives), relationship cheats.(I drag the bar all the time. no shame)

    -You may also reset or freeze the sims ages with IN GAME items like potions and fountains of youth. No other source. Life span may be set to epic.

    - Tree of Prosperity MAY NOT be used on challenge sim.

    These rules only apply to the challenge sim. Other sims in the family can be cheated with all you like.

    -Use traits that will help your sim, no bad traits are required. Some traits to use would be artistic and any other skills that came with Showtime. Charismatic is also a good one. Shy, coward etc, not so much.

    -Start with the career you think would be the least fun. So it gives you a reason to keep playing. So you can reach the most fun career.

    -Hold off on having kids and a family. It takes the focus from your sim. But a pet is a nice addition so your sim doesn't feel lonely. Horses are not suggested, they take a lot of time.

    -Have fun, this isn't a rush or super hard challenge. I let you cheat for christ sake!

    How you win!:
    You win by completing all 3 careers for showtime, and lets say...having $100,000 by the end of it all. Just to make it more fun.

    How you lose:
    You lose when your main sim dies, quits a job before reaching level 10 or if and when you break a cheat rule or any of the rules.
    -I'm trusting you to be honest. :]

    So enjoy your challenge my fellow simmers! I will be trying this out my self. :]

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