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    Fuglacy Challenge by tessalion13 @ BMC


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     Fuglacy Challenge by tessalion13 @ BMC Empty Fuglacy Challenge by tessalion13 @ BMC

    Post  Archivist Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:34 pm

    tessalion13 wrote:

    Welcome to BMC's first Legacy Challenge! First let me say that this challenge is all about having fun, the rules are meant to push your play style a teeny bit but really this is about all of us getting a chance to do the same thing and laugh, a lot, at the things we put our simmies through. So here are the rules:

    1) Begin with one of the fugly sims as your active. You can choose from any sim created for the [url="http://bearmtncreations4sims3.com/index.php?/forum/147-fugly-sim-challenge/"]Fugly Sim Challenge[/url]. *Please see next post*

    2) Each generation will be allowed to have a different number of children, you can pick any of them to be the heir for your next generation, no matter the gender.
    Gen 1=5 kids; Gen 2=4 kids; Gen 3=3 kids; Gen 4=2 kids; Gen 5=1 kid

    3) The challenge ends when Generation 6 (the single child of Gen 5) becomes a YA.

    4) Your heir does not need to marry at any point. They can have children with multiple sims. However, they MUST raise all of their children. So if your active sim is male and he gets gets anyone pregnant who doesn't live with him, as soon as the child is born, the child has to move in with your sim.

    5) Children other than the chosen heir may be sent to boarding school once they become teenagers.

    6) Teens may not have children.

    7) Lifespan- Normal. Which means 90 days, however you may readjust the individual days in each life stage as you wish, as long as the final total of days remains 90 days.

    Cool Lifetime Wish- In addition to having the requisite number of children, each heir must satisfy their lifetime wish. Lifetime wishes may not be chosen until the heir reaches YA.

    9) Trait selection. When a sim ages up and you get to choose traits, you can roll the random dice once and choose between the original trait the game gave and the second random trait.

    10) Mod Limitations: No faster skilling mods or mods that lessen the requirements of LTWs. You also may not any "plastic surgery" changes to your sim at any time, part of the challenge is seeing your sims in their natural "beauty". Use of the Woohooer is subject to conditions stated in rules 12 & 13. Any other mod may be used.

    11) You may "peak" at your sim's children whenever you want. If you don't play with Twallan's Master Controller, EA now allows you to access Edit in CAS with an in game cheat through the following method:

    1. On your keyboard hit Shift-Ctrl-C all at once, a box will come up at the top of the screen
    2. Type in testingcheatsenabled true (type it exactly as I did in the example)
    3. Now pick the sims you want to change and Shift + Click on them.
    4. You will see a pie menu come up and there you will see Edit in Create a Sim.

    Now for the pick your poison rules. You have your choice of two sets of Rule 12 & 13, a matching pair of a benefit rule and a burden.

    Choice A

    12. Your sims can have as much money as you want to start with and money cheats whenever you want (unless your sim has the wealth LTW).

    13. No woohooer allowed.

    Choice B

    12. Your sims start with 35K and you can never use money cheats.

    13. Woohooer is allowed.

    Of course half the fun of a legacy challenge is sharing your exploits, please start your own thread for your legacy in our [url="http://bearmtncreations4sims3.com/index.php?/forum/97-legacy-stories/"]Legacy Stories[/url] section. At the least, share pictures of each generation's heir so we can all see how the fugly fades.

    We tried to make the rules clear and answer any questions there may be, but if you have any questions feel free to ask them in this thread. Let the Fugly breeding begin!

    Posts : 220
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     Fuglacy Challenge by tessalion13 @ BMC Empty Re: Fuglacy Challenge by tessalion13 @ BMC

    Post  Archivist Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:00 pm

    Carl Clodhopper by Honeybear

    mediafire.com ?w1z4hveh19skk83

    Poor Carl just can't get a break. His mother was addicted to broccoli when she conceived which caused his hair to turn green. Then on top of things his father was a red salmon. Although Carl is clumsy he has a good heart. He wants to have a family in the worst way and recently decided he may find the perfect girl at the local Brail Institute for the Blind. Maybe he'll get lucky one day.

    This is a SavedSim - just unzip and place in your SavedSims folder

     Fuglacy Challenge by tessalion13 @ BMC Carl_c10

     Fuglacy Challenge by tessalion13 @ BMC Carl_c13

    Mizz Jewel by csifool

    mediafire.com download/1sh3ek8o7wh8x8h/Miz_Jewel.7z

    *cough* Ok, So I would like to introduce Mizz Jewel to all of you!!
    Young Adult.
    Can't remember most of traits.But has Athletic and Never nude.

    Years of steroids has really messed up Mizz's face. That or some kind of inbreeding accident amongst trolls. Either way, its bad. Her never nude trait sometimes leaves other sims wondering if Mizz is actually a "she".
    Besides being the ugliest body builder in Simville, Mizz also doubles as a Witch at the Simparks for Halloween. Sadly, Mizz Jewel does not live up to her name.
    Matter of fact, Mizz is the rough left over after the diamond has been pulled out.

    Enjoy!! She has a lot of store items.

    This is a Library package - just unzip and place in your Library folder

     Fuglacy Challenge by tessalion13 @ BMC Miz_je10

    Beulah Buttugly by Simmerqueen

    mediafire.com download/0hhxsodnh2qsmsz/Beulah_Buttugly.sim

    Well folks, meet Beulah Buttugly - she lives right up to her name doesn't she?
    Anyway, when she was very young her older brother attempted to suck her face off with the family Hoover and, as you can see, very nearly succeeded.

    As a result of that horrible experience, Beulah is fearful of everything and has the coward trait. Because she doesn't have a life (wonder why?) she's also a workaholic. She's artistic, as it lets her lose herself in her art and not have to think about how she looks. She's also eccentric and a vegetarian.

    Beulah is one of the very few women who is more than glad to have men stare at her boobs rather than her face - at least she has a fighting chance that way.

    Sad to say, poor Beulah is still single despite her lifetime wish that she be surrounded by family. Keep trying Beulah - fate (read: your sim goddess) just might have something in store for you...

    Beulah is a SavedSim - just unzip and place in your SavedSims folder and you should be good to go!

     Fuglacy Challenge by tessalion13 @ BMC Buelah10

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