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    Steam installation, and Caw by LittleMinxUndr


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    Steam installation, and Caw by LittleMinxUndr  Empty Steam installation, and Caw by LittleMinxUndr

    Post  Archivist Wed Aug 13, 2014 2:29 am

    Steam installation, and Caw by LittleMinxUndr

    Steam installation, and Caw
    This is also addressed in Simsamples' Troubleshooting thread at MTS;
    CAW not running? CAW running slowly?

    LittleMinxUndr wrote:Would you believe I've read this entire thread and I gained about 100 points of CAW-IQ? Amazing resource!

    It's about those that have the Sims3 through Steam. They can't use CAW when their games are under Steam-law. (Akin to martial-law, no joke.)

    Steam -- Origin migration of your Steam Sims installation.
    1) Check if you have registered your keys on Origin. I can only pray you did this on one EA-account. If you didn't, now is the time. Also, make sure that this is the account that also holds your Store-purchases!!
    2) Get yourself the latest version Origin.
    3) Log in to Origin and check your EA-games. The Origin-app is self-explaining. You should get a page with all icons of every still supported EA you have ever registered. Check if all your Sims3 purchases are there.
    4) Uninstal your Steam Sims3 using the Steam-app. Go to your library, select "The Sims 3" and then hit uninstal.
    5) Click on *start* and type Regedit in the searchbar.
    6) In Regedit you need to find a folder called "TheSims3(steam)"
    7) Delete that folder. Win7 users don't need to restart their PC.
    8) Redownload your Sims3 purchases through Origin.
    9) After each download, start the game to get updates. (trust me on this!)
    10) Redownload CAW.
    11) You can now use CAW with the Sims3!

    Warning: if you have registered your purchases with EA under several accounts, I would advise to think twice about migrating your Sims3 purchases from Steam to Origin. You can probably miz&match, but I'm not sure about that at all! Also, there's no additional cost involved. Just uninstal from Steam and reinstal through Origin. All are DD's.

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