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    Height Maps


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    Height Maps Empty Height Maps

    Post  Admin Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:44 pm

    If you are looking for a Hightmap then you have come to the right place.Click the ling to download it.Then put in in the caw Usertooldata Hightmap folder.
    If you do yous them please give credit to the creator.
    mediafire.com ?69bej6g21ina870 Crystal Falls Hightmap
    Distant Terrain
    Position x 2039.36
    Position y 90.94
    Position z 1857.74
    Rotation x,y,z 0
    mediafire.com ?cyxdb9zz6hseajx Fairhaven Hightmap
    Distant Terrain
    Position x 2015.99
    Position y 90.55
    Position z 1999.87
    Rotation x,y,z 0
    mediafire.com ?g11vg8guuxb5708 Goosbay Hightmap
    Distant Terrain
    Position x 2047.245
    Position y 89.709
    Position z 1850.848
    Sorry for the spelling

    When I showed how I made craters I shared my Moon Base Height map long ago.

    http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/235502 .page by Rflong7

    [url]mediafire.com ?oof7e82f4lv24bt [/url]
    by rosx

    Here's the Death Valley heightmap by rosx look best at 200
    [url]mediafire.com ?bvuao8u04bp80gm [/url]
    Here's the Death Valley Island one by rosx
    [url]mediafire.com ?7i91qnv501tkuya [/url]

    These are Grand Canyon heightmaps. by rosx
    [url]mediafire.com ?t0639fhfb6m4czf [/url]
    [url]mediafire.com ?ghy5sk82g9lo3yr [/url]

    Here's mine again, the links and pics didn't show up with the quote, Wonky Forum. Very Happy

    Height Maps 672fa06742d2ab74655d4e911d167212029793f6d845ce4f2bf0f9fdcb746edf0g Whoville
    Large Map, 300 Height, no DT, Land-locked
    16 bit.png from auntielynds

    Height Maps 6f40283f364e77c794644ded4141323f06e8cc633fb2647ecd22efc6703ae1dc0g SpookyTown
    Large map 300 Height, no DT
    16 bit.png, from auntielynds

    Height Maps E28dedd87cc2957d71224dc135ee2f284798ac5dadc0a1ce6ac2c9cd26a881cc0g Castle Keep
    Medium Map, Terrain Distant used.
    X 1014.93243
    Y 0
    Z 977.8892
    X 5.008956E-06
    Y 0
    Z 5.008956E-06
    16 bit.png from auntielynds

    Height Maps 227b055a589b1a704cb54ac3af32b5b21320e6355e1c552de4943529e7a983d30g 30 Day Pass it Along
    16 bit.png Terrain_Distant used. Started by Drowsapp

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