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    Create A World Tips by Richdre @ BMC


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    Create A World Tips by Richdre @ BMC Empty Create A World Tips by Richdre @ BMC

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    Posted 10 February 2011 - 07:22 PM

    Richdre wrote:If your thinking about trying out the World Builder these tips may save you some time and cut down on the frustration. These are things I picked up on other forums and some that I discovered working with the tools. I’m starting this thread with the hope that others will post their tips here also. I plan to read them and add them to this post as they are posted.

    Using the In Game edit feature is very useful I go back and forth between CAW and In Game edit all to time to see how the changes I just made are going to look in the game.

    The ESC key is your friend. If you are placing objects always press the ESC key when you finish before selecting another object. If you don't you may find objects in strange places like in the middle of roads and out in the ocean. This is because the object you are using is live and when you double click in the objects window to select a new one it places the old one. I consider this a be a bug but if you use the ESC key you won’t have this problem.

    When placing roads use the edit in game option to see what they look like. Roads can look fine in the editor but when you zoom in on them in game they will disappear. This is usually caused by bad elevation and bad lot placement.

    When placing lots if you have a tear in the terrain here is a tip to fix it. CAW has a lot conform tool but if you use that it will very often cause a tear in the road. Here is a better way. Select the move button on the toolbar and select the lot with the tear. Now double click on the lot. Works much better. and doesn’t mess with the road.

    When placing lots do not let them overlap the roads. They should be as close to the road as possible but not overlapping the road. If they overlap, the road will disappear at that point when you run edit in game. I always turn on the grid when I place lots. It really helps you get the lot located right next to the road without being on the road

    When you are placing objects you can rotate them before you place them. Just hold down the mouse button and move the mouse. Here is how I place street light and traffic signs. I zoom in close to a road intersection, Then I rotate the street light until it is lined up with the cross walk. Then I release the mouse button. Hit the undo button to delete the one you just placed in the middle of the street and your ready to go with you object perfectly aligned to the street.

    If you are having a problem getting an object placed in the right location use the Property Browser. The X Y Z coordinates are displayed there and you can change them. Just type in the new number and watch you object move.

    If you have trouble deleting an item because it’s too close to another item just find it in the World Layers window and select it and delete it.

    Use the layer feature. If used correctly the layers will help you stay organized and will improve performance. Trees are a good example. The editor will group trees of the same type on the same layer together. If you place 25 pine trees fairly close together the game will cluster them and make them one item. It’s not necessary to have all of your trees on the same layer but having all of the same type of trees on the same layer really helps. Another nice feature is that if you use it correctly it can work as a mass undo button. Say you are thinking about using some new types of trees. Put them on a new layer and them if you don’t like the look just delete the layer.

    Using Wire Frame view located in the View menu can be very useful for checking your terrain. Just click it on and you can see what your elevation really looks like. I use this when I’m placing lots to make sure I’ve got enough flat room to place the lots.

    To add a layer right click on the main layer in the left panel and select new layer. You can switch between layers by right clicking on the layer and selecting make active.

    Need more room on your render panel. The three windows on the left side of the screen can be turned into small tabs. In the upper left corner of each window there is a little pin icon. click on it and the window will turn into a tab on the left side of the screen. If you need something on one of those windows just click on the tab and it will open. I use this feature when I place roads and paint terrain

    When you are placing objects use the Filter window to find the item. It really works very well. Looking for a bridge, just type bridge in the filter and there you go. I almost never need to scroll the entire list to find something unless it has one of those strange names that EA sometimes uses.

    If you are building tombs I find it much easier to build them in the regular game and then place them into the new world after I am finished. Once you are finished save a copy to the library then go back to the WB and place them with the edit in game option.. If you build tombs in the regular game you can test as you build them. You can also do this with houses.

    Use the "save as" option. I "save as" when I am finished with a task like placing roads. The editor makes backup copies but I don't trust them. If you "save as" for each task you can always back up to a point where you had a good file.

    Here is a list of lot sizes for the rabbit holes. They are a little larger than the objects and you may want to make them smaller, but they will get you started with your downtown.

    Bistro 18x18
    Diner 20x12
    Spa 18x18
    Book store 14x18
    Grocery 14x18
    Police 20x22
    Hospital 40x30
    Lab 40x25
    Business 24x30
    Theater 18x30
    School 42x28
    Criminal 30x30
    Stadium 56x60
    Military 56x56
    City Hall 56x42

    This will get you started and hopefully the list will continue to grow.

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