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    Recoloring Objects in Your Worlds


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     Recoloring Objects in Your Worlds  Empty Recoloring Objects in Your Worlds

    Post  Archivist on Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:58 am

    Richdre wrote:
    Note there are several tutorials floating around on this subject and I have read most of them. I always came away scratching my head. Very complicated and hard to do. So I did some tests and this is what I came up with. This is not a tutorial and to use the following method you should know how to use S3PE and how to edit images using a image editor that supports DDS files. I use The Gimp.

    Have you ever wanted to change the color of an object on one of your worlds or maybe several objects. Maybe your building a fantasy world and you would like to make all of the rabbit holes green.

    It’s very easy to do if you know how to edit images and use S3PE.

    Open S3PE and then open this file:
    Program Files

    This file contains almost all of the images used in Sims 3. There are a lot of files and it might take you some time to find the ones you need. Once you have located them use the Export to a file option in S3PE and then you can close S3PE

    Now open your Image Editor and open the DDS files that you just exported. Edit them and change the colors and then save them.

    Now Open S3PE and load the .world file that you want to change. This file is the .world file in CAW.

    Now import the image files that you just changed into your world file. Save the file and your are done.

    Open the world file with CAW and your new colors should now be there.

    Note. Using this method your are only changing the color in that world. Also this is not custom content and will not require anyone using your world to load any mods. The new color will load as part of your world just like any texture. You can always save the new colors and use them in other worlds.

    Note: While it is very simple and easy to put the new textures in your world the actual editing process can be very time consuming. On objects like the rabbit holes there are several image files for each object that need to be edited and you should know how to use layers and masks. There are files labeled LOD and these are the files used in game when you zoom out. You need to edit these or your object will revert to its original color when you zoom out. Have fun.

    Here is a sample. This took about ten minutes start to finish. I didn't edit the lod files and I only changed one file. The bricks would need more work if I were actually going to use this in a world.


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