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    Intermediate Height Map Sizes


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    Intermediate Height Map Sizes Empty Intermediate Height Map Sizes

    Post  Archivist on Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:39 am

    Richdre wrote:
    Have you ever started to build a world and wished that there was something between a medium map and a large map. I know that I have.

    I'm probably the last person in the world to discover this but I'll share it here just in case there is someone else who doesn't know about it yet. It's possible to have odd size maps, that is maps that are not tiny, small, medium or large. The only restriction is that the sizes must be in multiples or 256. If you try to load a map that is say 1200x1200 you get a error message telling you that the map size must be 256, 512, 1024 or 2048. Well that's not quite true. I recently exported the height map from AppaloosaPlains to use in a world and much to my surprise found that the size was 1536x1536. So I did some testing and found that other sizes are possible. I re-sized a medium map which is 1024x1024 to 1280x1280 and that works just fine in CAW. Then I did one at 1536x1536 and that is fine. So now I have two maps sizes between medium and large.

    If your interested in this you can re-size any of the maps that came with CAW. If you have a program that will save 16 bit PNG files you are all set. If not you will need a program to convert your output to 16 Bit. I use a little program called RawTherapee. It's free. Just Google it and your all set. Some people say it's hard to use but I didn't find that to be the case. If you have trouble with it just post here and I'll step you through the process.

    Here are two maps that I converted that you might want to use. Both made from a MediumFlat-200 map. The sizes are 1280x1280 and 1536x1536. Just unzip and put them in the height map folder in CAW.

    mediafire.com download/13aym2y20ijlpu8/Richdre's_Height_Maps.7z

    Now go ahead and create that world in the size you always wanted.

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