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    Ship Wrecked and Single Castaway Challenge


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    Ship Wrecked and Single Castaway Challenge  Empty Ship Wrecked and Single Castaway Challenge

    Post  Archivist Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:30 pm

    tammyjo329 wrote:I do not know if anyone has posted one of these before ... but I have been working on this challenge and creating it's rules and guidelines for some time now and decided it was time to post them here.

    The challenge is more simple and not as time consuming as a 10 gen legacy, but once completed can lead into a fun 10 gen legacy if you want.

    The concept is as simple as the title states ... you find yourself shipwrecked and alone on an island and must learn to survive, and eventually meet some of the locals, fall in love and marry. Then and only then you ready for free play or change into a normal legacy.

    I have built an entire world just for this challenge called Felicity Isles:
    http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=7021429# : it is CC free and here is a link to the CAW thread with world info http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/646136.page

    Picture slide shows: http://www.thesims3.com/contentDetail.html?contentId=444520

    There are several other worlds that will also work nicely ... The Manave Isles by RFlong7, BYO Topical Island by Antylinds, and Isola by Ladyemillye and Rflong7, all of which are perfect for this challenge. The only requirements are to have a tropical island with some empty lots available to build on and at least one for the Manave Tribal home, where the chief and a few of the Island villagers live.

    Pre-requesites: Money means nothing - you are marooned on an island away from civilization as you know it ... you will need to learn a barter system and use island resources to survive.

    Resources - resources are anything you can harvest, or pick, collect on the land such as plants, rocks, metals, fish, etc (how else are you gonna get the resources to build a tent, sleeping bag, firepit and other survival items?)

    setting: seasons - easy - normal challenge use summer and spring only, no snow or hail
    harder challenges try adding fall and winter with full weather
    aging - easy - normal challenge turn off until all challenges are completed
    harder challenges try aging on with whatever level you like
    moon phase - easy - normal turn off full moon (1 cycle not full moon!)
    harder challenges try turning full moon on or even to full moon only!

    The rules are simple -
    no cheating

    when building and buying each square will cost 5 resources (sorry your money is no good)
    -- example firepit takes one square so gather 5 rocks -delete them once built
    example 2 - a roof made leanto is 3X3 squares and will cost 45 resources maybe bananas and flowers combination. anyway you get the picture and 5 per square keeps the rules and guidelines simple ... you can always up the amount per square if you find 5 is too easy

    Plumbing - is only allowed after building a dive well -- you will need to find all 5 dive well pieces plus the remaining 75 resources to build (dive wells are 16 squares=80 resources using 5 as the mulitplier)

    When moving always sell all furniture and you must start from fresh.

    Challenge #1
    - You wash up on an empty island beach
    1) collect enough resources to build a leanto (may use roof on ground or on top of posts)
    2) make a sleeping bag
    3) build a firepit and dive well
    4) plant a small garden
    5) You will also need to build your athletic skill to at least 5.

    Challenge #2 - Your on a small island but see a much larger island close by if you are strong enough you can swim there and maybe find help.
    1) swim to the next island beach lot (challenge lot #2)
    2) build a tent, firepit, and dive well
    3) build a makeshift bathroom using only walls and half walls (no doors or windows) Roofs are allowed.
    4) start fishing and level up to 5
    5) find the abandoned shack near by (the only things inside are inventing and sculpting tables - skill both to lev 2 - you may keep and use anything you make!

    Challenge #3
    - After meeting a few of the local LLama people from the Manave Tribe befriend one then ...in edit town mode change the abandoned shack to residence, then in live mode move into the abandoned shack (there is already a dive well and firepit
    1)must have one native friend
    2)add a fully functional bathroom
    3) build a bedroom with bed, end table and table lamp
    4) meet the other castaways from the cruise ship living on Baran Banks (challenge lot 4)
    5) make friends with Winford Rhinehart and move him and 2 others in with you. (the mooches found your nice home and invite themselves to move-in too!

    Challenge #4 - befriend one of the remaining castaways on Baren Banks. They were deserted by the Professor Rhinehard and other 2 and you find them starving. Disgusted with the others you decide to move-in and help them out.
    1) befriend and move-into Baren Banks
    2) build a dive-well
    3) build a fully functioning bathroom
    4) build a fully functioning kitchen/dining room with sink, counter, fridge, table and chairs
    5) find an attractive native sim and ask to be boy/girl friend

    challenge #5 - You are in love, but before you can marry your love has asked you to build a honeymoon hut, just for the two of you,
    1) move to challenge lot 5 and build your hut
    2) must have dive well and firepit before building
    3) must have fully functional bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen/dining room
    4) to prove to your love your bravery take a sleeping bag and spend the night in the sacred burial grounds after touring the catacombs!
    5)Take your love on a date to the SN hangout in the swamps nearby and propose marriage,

    challenge #6 - Your fiance accepts but tells you the chief will never approve of the marriage to an outsider unless you can prove your bravery by completing the House of Tuzu Tomb.
    1) Move to challeng lot 6
    2) build a nice farm/ranch home for the two of you to live in
    3) adopt a wild horse for your stable
    4) plant a nice garden with nice or better plants
    5) complete the house of tuzu tomb
    6) get married and live happily every after!

    These challenges are written with my new world in mind as all the lots will be in place ... if you choose a different world, you can still do this challenge .. but you will need to build the necesary lots or change the challenges to fit your world.

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