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    Why CC Should Not be Packaged with a World, & How to Ensure it Isn't by Simsample, EA Caw Forum


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    Why CC Should Not be Packaged with a World, & How to Ensure it Isn't by Simsample, EA Caw Forum  Empty Why CC Should Not be Packaged with a World, & How to Ensure it Isn't by Simsample, EA Caw Forum

    Post  Archivist Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:38 am

    auntielynds wrote:
    simsample wrote:
    tjstreak wrote:I am still waiting...

    Name one world which is broken because of cc.
    Any world which was packaged with a copy of that doll in the Sims3Pack.
    Any world which contains custom objects in it with rigs not updated for Pets.

    There are many, many worlds on the Sims 3 exchange which contain CC within the Sims3Pack file, so many of those will contain CC which is broken or outdated. If the creator knew how to remove the CC before exporting the world then they would still be useable, but if they did not then the world will be broken.

    This is an example of a world which uses CC which is affected by game updates:
    That one is still actually useable, since the CC is not packaged in it- but since it makes extensive use of CC the player will be forced to manually remove all CC used and replace it with something more suitable. Had the creator packaged the CC in the Sims3Pack, that world would have had to have been uninstalled completely, so rendering any savegames broken.

    tjstreak wrote:Of course, Written Reg can't do it, because she does not play worlds with cc.  If you don't even try it, how can you say it is bad?
    Writon_Reg has not said she is opposed to custom content, but rather to custom content that is packaged in the Sims3Pack with a world. In fact it is most likely that she does use CC in her game, especially since you quoted her from a thread where she thanked a creator for some CC.

    Perhaps the reason you don't understand this distinction is because you don't know what I mean. Here:
    Why CC Should Not be Packaged with a World, & How to Ensure it Isn't by Simsample, EA Caw Forum  Bluefu10
    That world has no CC packaged with it. The file in red is the world, the other is the world thumbnail. That doesn't mean to say that the creator did not use CC in that world- just that the CC is not packaged with the world, and so the player has a choice of whether they install the CC or not.
    Why CC Should Not be Packaged with a World, & How to Ensure it Isn't by Simsample, EA Caw Forum  Bluefu11
    That one has CC packaged with it- in this case a world object and some patterns. That means that the player has no choice of whether they use the CC- if they install the world, they must also install the CC. The world file cannot be installed without the CC also being installed.

    tjstreak wrote:Your custom rabbithole made with Jynx's doors no longer works as a rabbithole.  The game does not blow up.  Eventually this cc will be updated, particularly with a really useful piece of cc, like Jynx's doors and rugs.
    Yes, but if you install a world that has the outdated rabbitholes included in it, as in my second picture, then you will be unable to remove the outdated CC unless you also remove the world. That will render your savegame unplayable, which is what we are talking about. You seem to think that people are deadly opposed to CC in general but that is not the case. We are just opposed to having it packaged in the Sims3Pack, as it cannot be removed without the world being removed. I play worlds with CC in them but I only download worlds which are packaged without the CC, and I download the CC separately. That way, should the CC need updating I can remove it and install the updates without affecting the install of the world itself.

    Thank you Simsample.

    This is a great explanation of the issues encountered if CC is packaged with a world.

    In order to ensure you are exporting your world without CC, (I'm just going to quote Simsample again because I'm lazy today). From this thread.

    simsample wrote:

    Instead of trying to remove the items with Custard, it is often more effective to repackage without the CC. To do this, drag Documents\ Electronic Arts\ DCBackup to the desktop and export the world from CAW again. That will repackage the world cleanly.

    Don't delete the DCBackup though, as some people say they cannot package without it, and of course there may be times when you need it there (if you want to include CC in your Sims3Pack).

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