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    Fancy Friezes Using Corniches


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    Fancy Friezes Using Corniches

    Post  Archivist on Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:06 pm

    Fancy Friezes Using Corniches @ Simmers Society by Socalkdl

    Many Victorian style homes have fancy friezes under their eaves. EA recently added nice cornices (or corniches) to one of the EPs. So, I thought I'd play around with them and see if they could be used under the roof eaves to simulate friezes.

    Use the frieze tool to add a frieze behind the cornice. It won't butt properly and will be one square behind it.

    After adding flooring and then the roof, I found the corniches poked through the roof...not too attractive. I then built a quick stack of walls to the outside of the home at the height i wanted the roof flooring to be at and used CFE to raise the frieze height slightly. This new floor is what the roof will rest on. and will appear the roof is supported by the corniches. 

    Cover the frieze area so that the tiles partially cover the corniches: 

    Next we can add some dormers for more visual appeal and "wow-factor". 

    The frieze can't be extended behind the dormers I found out, so I simply added a wall piece above each dormer, then CFE'd the tiles flat. 

    Let's add the roof and see what it now looks like. 

    Thatch roof looks weird with elaborate frieze, will change later!
    You can knock out some of the cornice pieces and interject a bay window: 

    And use CFE to make the walls level with the adjacent frieze: 

    And, viola! Elaborate friezes! 

    So far we've seen how the corniches work well as friezes for hip and mansard style roofs. Gable roofs are more of a challenge: 

    By using the half-hip tool, the gap can be filled, and in the process creating a Dutch Gable

    And there you have it!

    The same basic techniques are used to make an ornate foundation by using corniches. If adding a useable basement behind the corniches I suggest using the double walls technique.

    Happy Simming all,

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    Re: Fancy Friezes Using Corniches

    Post  Archivist on Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:07 pm

    Here I've put it all together in another WIP:


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