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    Caw FAQ's........Links to Tutorials, and Resources. Textures, & Troubleshooting from EA Caw Forum


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    Caw FAQ's........Links to Tutorials, and Resources. Textures, & Troubleshooting from EA Caw Forum

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    Caw Tutorials & Information

    Hello Everyone
    This is an information archive listing for all the pertinent information out there concerning Caw. You can help by alerting me of any new information out there you don't see listed, or you can write a tutorial of your own if you see information lacking. Just post with a link to the information, and I'll include it under the appropriate heading.

    Thank you for your help.

    Also let me know if there are any broken links, or typos 

    Caw Troubleshooting, Latest Patch Info, Error Messages.

    SOLVED: Cannot open Edit in Game, not a version mismatch issue
    Edit in Game Opens Sims 3 Launcher
    Need help trying to figure out what the heck is going on? Go here.....
    Create A World - CAW not running? CAW running slowly? Updated as needed by Simsample @ MTS
    Steam installation, and Caw by LittleMinxUndr @ ts3tutorials

    This thread is a compilation of some very useful info about creating a world, at MTS, and also around the web......
    Useful Resources, Common Issues, and Much More Check here for links I may have missed. Armiel at MTS keeps this updated.

    Other Active Caw Forums

    MTS: Create a World Forum
    Mod The Sims: Caw WIP
    Simlogical: Worlds & Towns
    The Sims Creators' Consortium: Caw Section
    Create Your World  Un mundo para ti This is a Spanish speaking forum, you can use Google Chrome to translate
    Pasimfic Wiki  a Create-a-World database
    Carl and Pam's The Sims 3 Caw Forum
    SimsExpressie CAW Resources

    Beginners Caw Tutorials & Walk Through

    The first two tutorials are from EA, and came out with the Caw tool. The rest of the tutorials are good basic tutorials written by Simmers in the community.  This is all I know about right now. As usual, If you know of a good tutorial here, or on another site, post here and I'll add it to the list.

    EA's The Sims™ 3 Create a World Tool – Beta Walk Through
    EA's Create a World Beta pdf

    CAW tutorial - First Contact by Anushka @ Carl and Pam's The Sims 3 Forum
    HOW TO CREATE A WORLD - THE SIMS 3 CAW TOOL GUIDE by Krrank......Learning to use CAW, the easy way. Tutorials and Downloads.
    Shalua's Create-a-World FAQs @ ts3tutorials
    Sims Wiki: Tutorials: Creating Sims 3 Worlds by HystericalParoxysm
    Video Tutorial: How to Create a World - Part One By The Sims Supply
    Video Tutorial: How to Create a World - Part Two By The Sims Supply
    Video Tutorial: How to Create a World - The Basics By The Sims Supply
    Creating A World That Doesn't Suck by TVR Designs @ Sims 3 Wiki
    Building a world Part 1-6 By Stw 402 @ tscc, The Sims Creators' Consortium
    Building a world Part 7-10 By Stw 402 @ tscc, The Sims Creators' Consortium
    Building a world Part 11-12 By Stw 402 @ tscc, The Sims Creators' Consortium

    Tips & Tricks from Other Cawsters

    How to: Find an Object In the World Layers Panel by Rflong7, EA Caw Forum
    Create A World Tips to get you started by Richdre @ tscc, The Sims Creators' Consortium
    Beta Testing a World..........Tips & Tricks @ tscc, The Sims Creators' Consortium

    Height Maps

    Procedural Generation of Terrain Discussion and Tipsstarted by aminovas  @ EA Caw Forum
    PNG Height Map Tutorial with CS4 by Juleslessthanthr33 @ wordpress
    Creating Your Own Height Map Sims 3 Wiki @ TSR
    How to create a world using Real-World Height data by Napalm_VFR @ EA Caw Forum

    Textures, Terrain Painting & Sculpting

    Custom sculpt tools - can save HOURS of work [updated with tutorial] by Zerbu @ EA Caw Forum
    How To - Making Sure Your Terrain is Flat by Rflong7  @ EA Caw Forum
    Making Transparent Textures by Simsample @ EA Caw Forum
    Source Texture Organization Getting all those textures organized, with pictures for easier identification by auntielynds @ TS3CC II
    How to extract textures from EA Worlds by auntielynds, EA Caw forum
    How to paint your rocks by HturnerP, EA Caw forum
    Create A World - Terrain Painting Tips by Simsample @ MTS
    Textures: *A full list of CAW Default textures- In photos * by lovingreds, EA Caw Forum
    Downloading and Installing Textures for Caw EA Caw forum
    The Easy Way to Create Terrain Textures. by Jericosan  EA Caw forum
    Create a World: Terrain Tools Sims 3 Wiki @ TSR
    Making Craters in CAW by Rflong7, EA Caw Forum
    Terrain Show! (show off your terrain and tips!) at MTS Great thread with tips and tricks of Terrain Painting, including how to erase them.
    Help building a realistic pier @ MTS Different approaches on creating piers, and barges in Caw.
    1. How to Build a Boat Pier by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
    2. How to Build Underwater Lots & Dock Ports by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
    This goes with my How to Build a Boat Pier tutorial. It's the second part to it!

    Roads & Bridges

    Basics: Road Gradation Tool EA Caw Forum
    Possible to replace placed roads with different design, quick and dirty? by Simsample @ MTS....Post #7
    Tutorial: Replacing Existing Roads in Caw @TS3CC II
    List of Street Names by Rflong, EA Caw Forum
    CAW Basic Road Tutorial by Richdre @ The Sims Creators' Consortium
    CAW Custom Roads Tutorial by Richdre @ The Sims Creators' Consortium
    Basic Bridge Tutorial by Richdre @ The Sims Creators' Consortium
    How to create a bridge In CAW by ryanmountford2
    Video Tutorial: Create a World, Bridges By The Sims Supply
    Video Tutorial: How to make a layer and delete roads in Create a World for Sims 3
    Video Tutorial: How to Connect Roads
    Tutorial: How to Create a Highway by Jasumi @ EA Caw Forum

    Meta Data Objects Tips & Info

    The Fog Emitter object gives special effects in game - a list by mikitta47 EA Caw Forum
    Fog Emitter Effects Animations Series  by SimEve , Creative Works Blogspot
    The Easy-Peasy Distant Terrain Tutorial by HeyWhatReub, EA Caw Forum
    Aligning Distant Terrain by Kiwi tea @ Pasimfic Wiki
    Lists the names of each distant terrain alongside their positions and rotations
    CAW Spawner Tips for a Medium Sized World by Richdre @ Bear Mountain Creations
    Which Spawners Have What by Regina @ CS3 @ TS3 Tutorial Archive
    Using Fog Emitters in Caw@ TS3CC II
    CAW Plants Cheat Sheet by HystericalParoxysm  @ MTS

    Recoloring Rabbitholes, Plants, and other Objects

    *Custom Bridges Tutorial (NO Custom content!)* by ThomsonJamie @ EA Caw Forum
    Piddlesam Easy Tutorial to Recolouring Rabbitholes by Piddlesam @ TS3CC II
    Adding & Extracting Metadata Objects: Recolors, Rabbit Holes, Trees, ect. by auntielynds @ Simlogical

    Routing, Routing Paint, & Camera Routing

    Find Routing Issues Quickly and Easily by Daniel @ Sims 3 New York Blog
    Perfecting Routing, an OC approach to routing paint... by Eyelem @ TS3CC II
    Basics on Sim-Routing in Create a World-Tool by armiel @ MTS

    Waterfalls, Rivers, Surf, & Caves

    How To Build A Cave by 8NiSci8 , EA Caw forum
    How to make your waterfall look realistic by Sim Outlaw, EA Caw forum

    Exporting, Thumbnails, Installing & Uploading Your World

    Routine to Export a World by Junceda EA Caw Forum
    How To Create-A-World 24Bit PNG with Paint by cllevett   Youtube Video
    How To: Make Sure CC Doesn't Piggyback in on Your World Export by auntielynds, TS3CC
    Installing your World without Uploading to the Exchange by auntielynds, TS3CC
    Changing the WPID File to Give Your World a Different I.D. to re-upload to the Exchange by auntielynds @ Simlogical
    Video Tutorial: How to Export Your World - Includes instructions on how to make a 256x256 .png image, how to export, & install/upload your world.
    Thumbnails: 24 bit Png Image Creation with Paint.net by auntielynds  EA Caw forum
    Pre-made 24bit pngs for Caw thumbnails Download

    Lots, Lots, & Lots

    Residential lot cost by default by mikitta47 EA caw forum
    Lot Types in The Sims 3 (Up to University) by ThomsonJamie @ EA Caw Forum
    Rabbit Hole Wiki by FaithofKaela  @ Rabbit Hole Wiki Blog
    * Community Lot Guide & Check List by Geminiagre @ EA Caw Forum
    Ways of fighting "Sprawl" or "lot creep" already available. by Damienf519 @ EA Caw Forum
    * The Sims Wiki: Lot Assignment Info This tells you exactly what each lot assignment does, By Kiwi Tea
    This list can be sorted alphabetically, by type of rabbithole, by size, or by expansion/store set required.
    Rabbithole lot sizes by Kiwi tea @ Pasimfic Wiki
    Sunken or Raised Lot Fix by Amaholus, EA Caw Forum
    Set Front of Lot CBedna01 EA Caw Forum
    Tips for perspective and terrain conformation by Roswin @ TS3 Tutorial Archive

    Lot Building Tuts

    List of Building Tutorials or How do I do That? EA Creative Corner Forum
    *How to build an Apartment - In 8 steps* (Deconstruction Method) by lovingreds EA CAW Forum
    Working with Late Night Apartments by LoCatus  @ TS3CC
    House Apartment Building!! by MrCrumplebottom1 EA Caw Forum

    The Sims 3 Tomb Creation Guide @ Carl's The Sims 3 Guide
    The Sims 3 World Adventures – Tomb Building #2 @ Sims Programs
    The Sims 3 World Adventures Tomb Creation 101 @ planetthesims.gamespy.com
    The Sims 3: World Adventures Building Tombsl @ IGN
    Tomb Building: The Processor by TS3 Wiki at TSR
    Tomb Overview by TS3 Wiki at TSR
    Tomb Building Basic by TS3 Wiki at TSR
    Tomb Building Advanced by TS3 Wiki at TSR
    Tomb Building: Triggers and Activated Behaviours by TS3 Wiki at TSR
    Tomb Creation 101 by TS3 Wiki at TSR
    Making a Resetting Trap in 10 Easy Steps by glen416 EA Caw forum

    TOMBS:How To Use The Processor's "AND!" by bunbunnyny
    How to Build Subtopias & Cave Complexes: Lost Worlds to your Tombs! by bunbunnyny
    How to Create Underwater Passages (Great With Tombs!) by bunbunnyny
    How to Create a Countdown Timer for Your Tombs by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
    How to Make a Specific Statue Activate a Specific Switch by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
    How to Lock, Unlock, and Re-lock a Pushable Statue From Being Moved by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
    How to Create Musical Tomb Triggersby bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
    How to Build 2-D and 3-D Platform Tombs by bunbunnyny EA Caw forum
    Video Tutorial: TS3 Tomb Building youtube

    Island Paradise Tuts
    Sims BR's Tutorial: How to Place Diving Spots in Other Worlds by mcrudd EA IP Forum
    Guide to Houseboats in game & in CAW by SimGuruSemedi EA IP Forum
    IP Caw Version 1.18.46 Up! Discussion & Troubleshooting Thread by the Community EA Caw Forum
    Quick Stilted Foundation Guide to Fitting Lots onto Water by Joolster EA Creative Corner Forum


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    Re: Caw FAQ's........Links to Tutorials, and Resources. Textures, & Troubleshooting from EA Caw Forum

    Post  Archivist on Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:27 am

    Pre-Populating your World &/or Providing a Save Game

    CAW Population: Populating Worlds in Create-a-World by Kiwi-Tea @ Pasimfic Wiki
    CAW Population: Balancing Your Population by Kiwi-Tea @ Pasimfic Wiki
    Save Game TravelDB.package Info by DOLLDRMS1 @ EA Caw Forum
    discovery that if you are going to offer a save game file there is a risk of providing a bloated save game and a suggestion to reduce the size of that save game.


    Create A World - CAW not running? CAW running slowly? by Simsample @ MTS
    Edit in game loading and crashing Issue's @ TS3CC II
    CAW crashing on high end computers? Solution using CFF Explorer by Geminiagre EA forum

    Misc Information & Tutorials

    Do you know: How to tell if CAW has been updated? by ellacharm3d  @ ellacharmed Blog
    How to: Make a World Logo by SimExpertJared  @ EA Caw Forum
    Making a world a City Simsample @ MTS easy instructions
    Making high resolution world maps tutorial by Vagabond @ EA Caw Forum
    Creating an Initial Flyover in Caw by Pyronium3 @ Pasimfic Wiki
    CAW fog "invisible water" workaround by Wyndhane @ TS3CC
    Converting Google Earth Buildings to Sims 3 CAW Deco Objects by Tjstreak EA Caw Forum

    Editing Premade Worlds MTS
    Video Tutorial: Import full neighborhoods into Create a World with objects, lots etc. by Magicmavis (SimTuts)
    Getting a Downloaded World into CAW by SimAd @ tscc
    How to: Decrapify a .world file so it will open in s3pe Post #6 by auntielynds @ MTS

    Turning a world into a vacation hot spot by Stw402 @ MTS
    Changed my world into a vacation world by Simsample @ MTS
    Resource responsible for determining the characteristics by Simsample @ MTS

    Modding the Create-a-World Tool to Unlock Hidden Features by Simsample @ MTS
    SuperCAW Pre-made Patch by a @ Simlogical

    Sea, Sky and Light parameters- let's learn! Simsample @ MTS
    Advanced tutorial "Tweaking your worlds, custom sea/sky/rabbit holes/emitters by Stw402, EA Caw forum
    HOW TO MAKE WEATHER FOR YOUR WORLD: by ltd2mp87 EA Caw Forum

    CAW resource packaging routines Simsample @ MTS
    Re-installing Caw, How I do it by auntielynds MTS
    Why CC Should Not be Packaged with a World, & How to Ensure it Isn't by Simsample, EA Caw Forum
    How To: Upload Caw Files to Share by auntielynds EA Caw forum
    Pinstar1161 Legacy Challenge Rules People that play your world may also want a lot with the correct requirements for this challenge. You can change the lot value in the Property Window in Caw.
    Water Levels from Twinbrook and Bridgeport Simsample @ MTS
    How to add description to your household so it stays before exporting from edit town. by Buttonsginger  @ TS3CC II

    Dutch Tutorials

    (Don't forget to change the language to dutch and than copy the link)
    * Creëer een Wereld Bibliotheek: ervaringen, tutorials, inspiratie by SimLibby EA Dutch Forum
    * Tutorial CAW: hoe te beginnen in/met Creëer een Wereld by SimLibby EA Dutch Forum
    * Tutorial CAW: afbeelding, exporteren, installeren, uploaden by SimLibby EA Dutch Forum


    Direct Link to the Current Create a World Tool Download:

    Archived WorldTool Downloads from Previous Patches @ Cawster

    Custom Content

    Create A World - Modding objects to show up in CAW Metadata by Simsample, MTS
    Distance terrain disappearing when editing Hidden Springs More good info here on cloning objects to show up in Caw. by Rain90, MTS

    Making Create-a-World Recognize Custom Content @ Mod the Sims
    Game Help:Installing Sims 3 Package Files/Setup and Files at Mod the Sims

    Moonlight Falls Distant Terrain
    All of the Distant Terrains can be found at Cawster
    Deco Buildings, Planes.............Some cool stuff tjstreakssims.blogspot.com/
    Caw Resources Section @ MTS @ Mod the Sims
    Sims 3 Packages for use in Create A World world builder (CAW) by O-Decaff/LeRoy157
    Simming in Magnificent Style Check this out for neat objects for Caw like working road overpasses, and new skyscrappers. Creations by Carlos
    Cacti for CAW by sleepalldaypartyallnight  @ MTs
    3 Awesims Cornices that are actually fences at Awesims
    LunaSimsLulamai. Souce for some of those Skyscrappers, & Cool Objects at LunaSimsLulamai

    Rabbithole Rugs
    [LN or Base Game] Rabbit Hole Replacements (The Rugs are back!) by Jynx @ MTS
    More links for the Rugs from TadOlson
    All of the Rabbithole rugs through Into the Future @ simsl3gacies.com

    File Sharing

    Terrain Texture Links, & Custom Roads by auntielynds @ EA Caw Forum
    EA World Caw Files @ Cawster Resource Repository
    Animated Items for CAW! Lighthouse flare, pigeons, animated windmill, and sciencesmoke by Aynat EA Caw Forum
    Share your Heightmaps Here HturnerP, EA Caw forum
    Riverview, Twinbrooks, & Bridgeport missing objects for Caw Includes the Riverview Bridge! YAY! by Simsample @ MTS
    Winter Trees, Shrubs, White and Pastel Roofs- Altered Image Files by auntielynds @ tscc-The Sims Creators' Consortium


    Delphy's Sims3pack Cleaner Checks your sims3packs for unwanted CC. tut on how to use it; Subject: Tutorial for Custard (Sims3pack Cleaner)
    Uses for S3PE in World Creation.........Tutorials auntielynds @ Simlogical
    These are the tuts covered:
    Designating a World a City
    Recovering Caw Files for an Exported World
    Changing out the WPID File
    So you can upload more than once to the exchange, or install more than one version of your world to your game.
    Adding & Extracting Metadata Objects: Recolors, Rabbit Holes, Trees, ect.
    Deleting the _KEY file to fix the Brown Uck

    Posting & Starting Threads, Info to get you started

    **The Guide To Getting Your World Noticed**#Contributors get cookies!#


    Subject: Petition for EA to release the "Create-A-World -- BETA" tool on the Mac platform
    This is an organized thread for Mac users.

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