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    Building Apartments and Bars using EA's Shells by Richdre @ BMC


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    Building Apartments and Bars using EA's Shells by Richdre @ BMC

    Post  Archivist on Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:19 pm

    Richdre wrote:

    This is a basic tutorial that will show you how to build your own Apartments and Bars using the high rise shells that came with Late NIght. EA put some pre made buildings in the library but there are some problems with them. The apartments are mostly one bedroom and the bars require odd size lots. Using the shells you can build larger apartments and bars that will fit on standard size lots. The lot I’m using for this tutorial is a 30 x 30. If you can build a house in Sims 3 then you can build these. No rocket science required. The shells can be apartments or bars depending on how the lot is zoned.

    So lets get started. Go to edit town and select the lot you want to build on. If you are building a apartment it should be zoned residential and a bar should be zoned community. Enter the lot in build buy mode. There are two cheats that you will need to enter before you can start building. I always play with TestingCheatsEnabled so you might want to enter that one too. The other two are.

    RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings off


    Select buy mode and open the buydebug misc menu and scroll down to the shells. See screenshot below. There are three other items in this menu that you will need. They are called markers and I circled one in the picture so you know what you are looking for.

    Now select the shell you want to use and place to on the lot. The screenshot below is what it should look like. I had already done some landscaping when I took the shot. What you should have is the basic foundation of the shell. Note: once you place the shell you cannot move it. If you want to change the location you need to undo and place it again.

    Build a wall around the inside of the foundation like the screenshot below. Make sure you leave the door space open. Put down some floor covering.

    Build a lobby. This can be any shape or size you want. I put a second door in but I don’t think that is necessary. There are three items that you must put in the lobby

    An elevator. Found with the stairs in build mode. You can put the elevator anywhere but the one you place upstairs must be in the same spot so I would recommend placing it in the back of the building.

    A Callbox. Found in buy mode in Electronics, misc.

    A public room Marker. Found in buy mode in buydebug, misc.

    While we are doing markers there is another type marker you need to place to finish the ground floor. The hidden room marker. Put these in any area that is not be used. I have four areas not used in my example so I would need to put in four hidden room markers. Now your ground floor should look like the screenshot below. There are two more hidden room markers behind the walls. You have the elevator, callbox and the markers placed and that’s all you need on the ground floor.

    Page up to the floor where you apartment or bar is going to be located. If your screen looks like the screenshot below then you are in the right place.

    Build a wall around the entire floor and put down some floor covering. Now add the elevator. The elevator will need to be placed in the exact same location as the one on the ground floor. Add a public room marker and hidden room markers for any unused space and you should have something that looks like the screen shot below.

    Depending on the shell you select you may have more than one floor that you can build in. The one I used had three floors. Since I wasn’t using the other two floors I used the third type of marker. The Skip floor marker. You can tell if you shell has more than one usable floor by paging up. The additional floor will look like the screenshot below. I put a skip floor marker on each floor. If you don’t do this then when you page up or down you will need to page through these floors.

    The screenshot below is my dance club. It needs a lot of decorating but it works. The whole process took less than a half hour.

    Well you now know everything that I know about building with shells. Good luck.

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